Dallathvos yw keur byghan.  An eseli yw dre vras studhyoryon y’n klassys An Kylgh dhe Dremogh – gans onan po dew erel.  Ni a gan yn Kernewek hepken ha rag hwarvosow arbennek hepken.  Ni a entras yn kesstriv y’n Gool Ilow Kernow rag ‘Karolyow Hengovek a Gernow’ ha ni a waynyas!

Dallathvos is a small choir.  The members are mostly students in the An Kylgh classes at Tremough – with one or two others.  We sing only in Cornish and just for special events.  We entered the competition for ‘Traditional Cornish Carols’ in the Cornwall Music Festival and we won!


An Kylgh Kernewek (The Cornish Language Circle) has been running Cornish language classes since 2007. Our classes are normally held in the Falmouth/Penryn and Redruth areas and at Rosewarne Downs, Camborne.

We have teachers  for every level, from absolute beginners right through to advanced. We prepare students for the WJEC assessments and the exams of Kesva an Taves Kernewek (The Cornish Language Board) if they wish, though these are certainly not obligatory. All our teachers have passed the final grade of the Kesva examinations in Cornish and they teach using the Standard Written Form (SWF) of the language, the official form as taught in schools and used in public life. Do contact us if you are interested in these or other classes.

Not sure whether you should learn a new language? Have a look at this article about research done by the University of Edinburgh.

AKK welcomes social members in addition to those who are primarily interested in our language classes. For them and for our students, teachers, their families and friends, we hold occasional social events (usually in the summer). Recently these have included BBQs, quizzes, historical walks,  boat trips and a brewery tour. Cornish is used as much as possible at these events, but translations are also provided.

  • Details of our Cornish classes can be found here.

If you would like to support us by becoming a social member of An Kylgh Kernewek (£5 donation), please contact us for details.